Why Your Basement Home Gym Needs Air Purifiers?

Why Your Basement Home Gym Needs Air Purifiers?

Having a gym in the basement is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s an excellent idea to set up something like this and keep yourself in shape. Being physically strong means living a better life overall. Physical health leads to mental health, so you can be sure that you’re doing your best. See more about this here.

The gym needs to have at least a few machines and equipment going with it. Equipment for cardio exercises but also for lifting weights are some of the most common ones. The point of the gym is to make you sweat and burn calories. This will eventually grow your muscles and make you physically ready for any challenge.

Spending a lot of time there without ventilation is not the best option. You must install air purifiers, especially if there’s no window or ventilation, which is common in American basements. In this article, we’re sharing a few points that will help you realize why purifiers are a must in your basement-made gym. Keep up if you want to know more!

1. Bad smell

After working out, or even if you do nothing at all and there’s no wind flowing through the room, the air staying there will become strange. The entire place will start smelling bad and every time you walk in, you’re motivation for working out will be gone.

When you work out, you sweat. Sweat smells, which is why we shower afterward. After the shower, we take that smell off, but the room in which we exercised has no way to change the heavy feeling of something unpleasant. An air purifier will pick up the bad smells and make the room flawless.

2. Too much moisture

As we mentioned, when we work out, we sweat. This creates moisture in the room. Even if you’re the only one using this room, and there’s no one else walking inside, it’s still smart to install air purifiers to get the job done. Learn more about moisture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moisture.

Let’s say that you don’t feel your own smell. The moisture that you’re creating will soon create mold on the walls. This is highly dangerous for any person. Mold is a collection of bacteria and fungi and can cause serious damages to your respiratory system.

If you’re working out, then you want to be healthy. This is no way to help your way to healthiness. The mold will only make your job harder and instead of getting healthier, you might become sick. Mold is a serious issue and can sometimes even lead to death.

3. Rusting of the machines

Moisture affects human health terribly, but it is also bad for the machines in your gym. Most of the equipment is made of materials that rust. Water and moisture help the rusting process. If you don’t want to see your equipment rusting, then you need to do something about it.

When you get yourself an air purifier, you’re getting a machine that can control the moisture in the air to perfection. The ideal moisture level is around 45%. Set your purifier to this level and enjoy having fresh air at all times, and still not letting your equipment that you paid top dollars for go to waste.

4. More oxygen leads to better workouts

When highly motivated and professional athletes train for the next season or a competition, they tend to go to the mountains and do it. Why? Because the air is best for exercise there. There’s no pollution whatsoever, and they can fill in their lungs with fresh air creating strong blood cells that can take any pressure.

There’s more oxygen in nature. Places surrounded by trees and no pollution from housing, cars, or factories, are filled with oxygen, and this is what people who work out need. If they have enough oxygen, they will be capable to achieve more, whether it be running faster and longer, lifting more weight, jumping higher, or whatever is it that they try to do.

That’s why installing an air purifier for a basement gym is a must. It will take down the old air waster by your previous workouts and create new quality oxygen-filled air that will help you do better time, lift more, break your records, and become better at what you do.

5. General quality of air

According to science, people who live in areas with poor air quality live less than those who live in areas with more quality air. For example, it’s not the same to live in a highly dense neighborhood in which thousands of cars pass the street under your window every day, and somewhere up in the mountains surrounded by trees and nature.

Those who live in the cities will surely have less quality of life and will most probably live shorter lives. The reason for this is tightly connected to the quality of air. When we breathe poor air, our lungs can’t fulfill their job and this is going to be transferred as a problem to every other organ in our body.

If there’s not enough oxygen, the blood cells won’t deliver enough food inside the cells that feed the organs. If the organs are not fed, they won’t work properly. It is all connected, which means that poor quality and less oxygen lead directly to severe health problems and eventually dying faster.

Why Your Basement Home Gym Needs Air Purifiers?


With everything written above, it’s clear that air purifiers are a must in your basement. Even if we’re not talking about a gym, but an ordinary room in which you keep some of your stuff, you still need to make sure that you’re not walking into a humidity death trap.

If it’s a gym in question, then all the points from above explain how serious this issue can be. You understand that your health and the longevity of the equipment are in question. Not to mention that better air quality will lead to higher results and you’ll feel much better.