Add A Little Bling To Your Old House – Choosing The Right Makeover

Add A Little Bling To Your Old House

If you have been living in the same house for over a decade, the house may be starting to show signs of getting old.

The wall paint starting to peel off, or the iron fence looking rickety with dust and dirt. Stains on the outer brick walls and bare wooden bars leading to the front door. When you look at such a view amid a picturesque locality, you feel sad.

Shortlist the right changes and turn around your house to get back that look it once used to have during its full glory.

Exterior Walls

The brickwork of the exterior walls can often absorb water. The absorption of excessive moisture affects the adhesion of the paint. Wall paint flaking and blistering are usual sights for walls with high moisture content.

The growth of algae and mold makes it look even worse. A high moisture content with the alkalis and salt in brickwork can lead to staining and other issues.

Before you decide to paint your walls, the brick exterior has to dry out to eradicate any chances of further flaking. Drying can take up to 4-6 weeks. When considering the paint for your brickwork, read more to know about the various factors that affect it.

Few points that you can look into:

  • Invest in premium paint – you don’t want to be in a position to pay someone within a short period for the same job. So, choose a paint that can withstand the weather conditions in your locality and give you extended coverage.
  • Consider permanent structures – Take into consideration the brick walls, woodwork, and patio of the house. These will help you choose the underlying tones. Pairing opposite colors (in terms of color temperature) can help enhance the look. Seek professional solutions if confused.
  • Use technology – You can either carry a sample of your permanent materials to the paint shop or try the online tools to match the colors. For your home project, they can suggest the best paint coat solutions.
  • Pamper the trim – people often end up putting white on the trim; you should try other lighter shades of your exterior paint to enhance the look.
  • Use swatches to shortlist – Buy test paint samples and put them on the walls to see fitment. Sink in with all things around. It helps you make a better decision for the final paint.

The Wood

The aesthetic value of wood has made it a top choice to use in the home exterior. Wood siding choices include clapboard, grooved plywood, solid planks, shingles, and hardboard.

The low price and availability of softwoods compared to hardwoods have led to their high usage. The most preferred ones include redwood, pine, and cedar. Hardwoods like hickory or oak sections make shingles. Sunlight, water, and a host of other factors alter the beauty of wood.

Maintenance of exterior wood involves regular paint and primer coats. The old paint loses adhesion and starts flaking. Wood painting means sanding and scraping the existing old paint, putting new coats of primer and paint.

Woods come in contact with moisture like high humidity, rain, and ocean air and can swell or start rotting. Though the application of sealants is labor-intensive but can help lock out the moisture.

The Fence

The fence that you choose should be in sync with the exterior of your house. The decision to buy a new or keep the existing one depends on the condition of your existing fence.

If you have iron fencing, the chances are over the years its color has worn out because of the deposition of dust and dirt. Moisture often leads to corrosion, but the extent of damage depends on the area you live. Sanding the old paint, putting fresh primer and paint coats can make it look new.

Wooden fencing requires the same care and maintenance that you put in for your portico or external wooden doors and windows. The use of sealants and fresh paint can alter the look of the fence and extend its life.

Fencing plays a vital role in the enhancement of your house security. So, while undergoing a makeover, if you had concerns over the existing fence’s defense, it’s time to upgrade to a new and more secure one.

So when you decide to undertake that much-needed makeover for your house, keep in mind the various aspects that will determine its look post completion of the work. Choose a paint that complements the structure of the house. Take good care of the wood, and put an aesthetically pleasing secure fence to complete it.