Do Not Forget to Check-up on These 4 Things at Your Property Before Hosting an Open House

Do Not Forget to Check-up on These 4 Things at Your Property Before Hosting an Open House

The real estate market continues to flourish despite the hit it took from the COVID-19 pandemic last year. And while the situation has not been resolved completely, it is now safe for people to meet in public, and attend open houses once again. 

Open houses are very convenient when it comes to buying property and real estate. After all, getting to see and experience your potential future home is one of the best ways to get someone interested in buying the property. Open houses, therefore, can seal the deal in a matter of moments.

However, the opposite is true as well; an open house might end up ruining your chances of selling your house or property if it goes wrong somehow. While there are many reasons why it might go wrong, there are a few peculiar ones that people often tend to overlook. 

So in this article, we will take a closer look at 4 things that you must check up on at your property before hosting your open house so that no one can find any fault with the place.

#1 Floorboards

There is probably mold under your floorboards if it smells or looks slightly discolored. In that case, you need to remove the boards, scrape away the molds, give the floor a clean wash, and install new floorboards.

In case there is no mold, you can simply look for uneven surfaces, and then mend them accordingly. Some guests are likely to feel uncomfortable with squeaky floorboards. So do something about that as well if that problem exists at your place.

#2 All the Locks Inside the House

Locks inside the house ensure security and privacy. Therefore, your guests will not like the fact that some of the locks in the house are not working properly. So get them fixed as soon as you can before the event. In case you need to change them in a hurry, get in touch with an emergency locksmith service like Lardner Locksmiths. 

Visit to contact them. From digital locks and wireless alarms to broken lock and key removal, these guys can do it all. It is best if you can get the locks fixed a few days before the open house. However, you can always reach out to the locksmiths at Lardner if you are in an emergency. These guys can get everything done in just a few hours, meaning there is no reason for you to panic.

#3 Broken Windows

Broken windows are very easy to notice. Your guests will probably notice them as they enter the property. Such a mess leaves a very eerie impression. It also makes your guests wonder why you are living in a house with broken windows. Some might end up running away entirely if the broken windows give the house a spooky vibe, perhaps something straight out of a horror movie.

Hence, a week before the event, check up on the windows. No matter where they are located, fix them if you see that they are broken. Apart from checking the glass, check the windowpane fixtures and hinges too. See if the locks work, and in case they do not, you know who to call.

Ideally, you would want to fix the windows before repainting the house (if you plan on doing so, that is). Then, you can paint the window fixtures as well, and make them look as good as new.

#4 Exposed Electrical Wiring

Exposed electrical wires are dangerous. These wires need not have their inner cores exposed to be dangerous. Even with the outer layers intact, the wires still pose a threat to anyone inside the house. 

So the moment you notice any sort of exposed wiring, get rid of it. You could simply stuff them back inside the wall they came out of and shut it off with a board. However, the best thing to do here is to identify useless wires (connections that do not work or you do not need them) and get rid of them entirely. Make sure you do all this under the supervision of an electrician.

After you are done checking up on all this, fix them as you see necessary. Then, you can rest assured that the guests at your open house will find no fault with your house. You might even get a few offers from them as well.