Happiness Is Choice, Not Purpose

If asked, most of us would readily agree that happiness is very important to us. Many of us put off happiness by thinking we can schedule it for a later date. However, the time is now and it always has been. Happiness is a choice, not a destination. There are several things we can do to illuminate this truth and act on it.


Seek peace as a final resolution for all situations. This doesn’t mean that you have to become anyone’s doormat. It just means that you should learn to choose your battles because they aren’t all worth fighting. If your fridge is on the blitz, don’t argue over which repair service to call. If your wife has already called sub zero repair, go with that. Everything shouldn’t be a battle.


Learn to laugh more. It’s good for the heart. If you can see the humor in life you can live. Humor is readily available on every corner. Recognize this truth and take a load off. It will feel good to take the weight of the world off your shoulder and walk around unfettered by worry for once. Be good to yourself. You will find that happiness was always a choice and now you’re finally choosing it.

Close Connections

Cultivate and develop your friendships and family. Life isn’t the same without these people in it. Learn to actively love people in any way you can. You will receive by giving more of yourself. Close connections enrich our lives and help us to be unselfish and grow. We learn a lot from the people we surround ourselves with.

Make it your mission to live your best life. You have all the tools in your arsenal to do this. If you truly want to build a life worthy of peace and happiness, your focus and priorities will need to change. However, the changes will be for the better. Seek peace and laughter as often as you can. In addition, don’t pass up the oportunity to connect with people as much as possible. If you have people that you are close to, keep the communication open and kleep them close. Life is so much richer when people you love are in it.

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