How to Declutter Your Home in a Day

Cleaning can become an overwhelming task if you let it pile up. It’s therefore imperative to deal with clutter quickly before it becomes too intimidating. But if you are like most people, you probably find it hard to clean your home and keep it clean all through.

This article will give you a strategy to declutter your home in a day and maintain a clean environment. Remember, keeping your home tidy and sanitary helps you to avoid potential health hazards and monitor your belongings.

The best way to clean your home is to tackle it in stages; trying to do everything at the same time will be not only overwhelming but also ineffective. So, focus on one space, one room or even one area within a room (like your closet), and move to the next space when you are done with the previous one. Tackling one area at a time is a great way to build confidence because you experience apparent success as you move on.

What you’ll need

At least five bins or baskets

A marker pen that you will use to label the bins or baskets – mark them as (Put Away, Recycle, Trash, Fix and Donate).

A timer

Here is how to declutter your home in one day:

Set the timer

A good idea would be to allocate a few minutes to every room, say like 10 – 20 minutes. The timer will help keep you in check, so you don’t get destructed or sentimental with some items.


Begin with your cabinets – Remove anything, including old toothpaste tubes, outdated medication and everything else that you don’t use, or won’t be using any time soon and put them in the respective bins. Then move to the shower and remove things that under your bathroom sink. Anything else that doesn’t have a home can quickly go into any of the five bins.


First, spread your bed then move to the nightstand table and get rid of anything that does not belong there – including broken eyeglasses, old books, paper, pen, charger, boxes, and mail and put them in the respective bins. Do the same for the top of your bureau, chests, and dressers. Check inside the bureau and remove anything that’s no longer used and place them in the Donation bag. Don’t be tempted to return things into the drawers, instead, put them in the Away bin.


Start by emptying all spaces, checking the items and returning everything to their home. Then focus on your countertops, and clear most of the items to their home. Leave only what you’ll need to use. Anything that doesn’t belong to the kitchen goes to the Put-Away bin.

Living room

Even with the TV console and bookcases, it may be hard to hide everything away. The key is to declutter the area regularly and to determine where you’ll be storing commonly used items like books, magazines, and remote controls. To declutter your living room, start with side tables, consoles and bookcases then go to the entertainment center and coffee table. Remove all items, assess them and put them back in their proper home.

Don’t forget the electronics and cables – Put away things like gadgets, chargers and gaming equipment, and Trash any other thing that you don’t use.

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