How To Impress Employees With Office Interior Design

How To Impress Employees With Office Interior Design

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Everybody dreads Mondays. Why is that so? There are many reasons people hate going to their workplaces, but the biggest one is the simplest: they miss home. The robotic environment of the offices is the most disturbing factor for employees.

Happiness at work does not only depend on the satisfaction we feel when performing our duties or the compensation we are being offered for our time. Learning, the balance between work and personal life, recognition, and safety are some of the factors that make an employee feel happy in his workplace.

Not only is it important to meet the basic needs of the worker, the employee’s health and well being must also be taken into account. Employees need to feel at home, and you can do this through the design office has.

Your office doesn’t have to have that robotic and monotonous feel to it. It can have an all-inclusive design where your employees are happy to work.

Impress your employees with a great interior design of your office. Make sure it complies with occupational safety and health regulations. Remember that the design should include the properties of being comfortable and safe.

What do we need to be happy at work? Flexibility, a good boss, and a good working environment are three of the requirements for happiness at work. The design of the workspace has a significant impact on the happiness of the worker and employers are increasingly getting aware of its importance. The workplace should meet not only people’s basic needs but also the office interior design should make them want to work more.

1. Design a leisure area in the office

95% of companies that care about the happiness of their employees have leisure areas enabled for their employees. Due to the changing nature of how, when, and where people work, organizations need more and more informal spaces, where people can have meetings, make private calls, or spend time for leisure and recreation.

Modern agoras, recreation rooms, cafeterias, lounges promote strong connections between people and facilitate communication between employees and increase their productivity.

2. Non-territorial offices

Collaborative environments increase the productivity of your employees and make them work efficiently. Combine the areas of concentration with open and collaborative spaces and avoid assigning tables to a single person. Make the offices non-territorial with unassigned positions. It promotes teamwork and encourages camaraderie and joint goals.

3. Lighting is the key in office design

Lighting influences both the physical and psychological well-being of employees and can mark a significant difference in their productivity. That is why the office’s interior design must guarantee the visual comfort necessary to do the work efficiently while creating a suitable atmosphere for work.

4. Noise Isolation

The acoustics are among the main aspects with which people are not satisfied. That is why organizations must ensure that open spaces have a good noise isolation system. The open space must coexist with other enclosed spaces that allow more concentrated work or require some privacy, such as making telephone calls to a specific client. A good acoustic system can improve motivation by 60%.

5. Allow natural light in the office design

Employees love working in an environment that is closer to nature. Make sure to have huge windows to ensure natural light comes into the office. Transparent windows can even ensure a great view for the employees to take a refreshing glance when they are taking a break.

6. Air quality control is a must in the office design

Good air quality should be a fundamental aspect of office design. Have both natural and artificial ventilation systems in your office to guarantee the productivity and well-being of your employees.

7. Add plants to your office interior

In addition to generating oxygen, plants also make workers feel happier, more concentrated and productive. Choose specific indoor plants to lighten up the ambiance of your office. Impress your employees with wonderful indoor plants in your office. Improved air quality is one more reason to incorporate them.

8. Encourage your employees to mingle

Most offices and workplaces make their employees spend around eight hours sitting in front of the computer. Provide adequate spaces to promote mingling and communication between your employees.

9. Incorporate ergonomically apt furniture

Ensure that you provide ergonomic furniture to your employees. Their physical well-being is your responsibility when they are working for your benefit. Make sure to impress them with furniture that is right for them.

Choose an interior which is adaptable to achieve greater comfort and efficiency with different functions. Impress your employees with lifting tables so that the user can alternate sitting and standing.

10. Keep the color scheme simple

Did you know that the color of your office can affect your employee’s productivity? Although white and gray are the most common colors, they are the ones that produce the worst levels of productivity.

Choose a relaxing color such as light blue or sage green and accentuate with neutral colors. It will help you to be more productive, and it is well tested.

Use different colors for different functioning departments in your office. Include funky furniture like beanbags of different colors according to the color-coding. Many employees want to alternate their working positions while sitting on office chairs with stretching on a bean bag and working on their laptops.

11. Include a gym

Including a gym is the best thing you can do for your employees. They can go and freshen up their minds with a quick game if you can include snooker, ping pong, or a sport that encourages movement.

Create spaces for activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise, or rest to combat moods that negatively affect well-being and good performance.

12. Decorate the office

Decorating the office is a great way to improve both your productivity and your state of health. You can consider putting a fishbowl.

It may seem a bit strange at first glance in the interior of an office, but a small aquarium might be just what you need. There are many benefits tested and associated if we have a nearby fish tank:

  • Higher levels of happiness
  • Low heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduced stress levels

Wrapping up; A great office with awesome interior design

Don’t just call your employees to the office and put them to work. Instead, make your office a place where they love coming every day. Impressing your employees with the best interior and design in the office. Great office design is the best way of keeping the workers happy. Go for an office interior that makes the employees love their work and workplace. Make your office a place where all employees feel at ease.