Outdated home decor trends that you should leave in 2018

As with anything, where design is involved, trends and fashions come and go. Research conducted by online estate agents, Hatched, earlier this year, found that 27% of prospective buyers think that decoration and furniture have ‘a significant’ impact on their buying intention.

Whether or not you’re currently looking to sell your property, 2019 is now just around the corner. It’s time to take stock of the trends of recent past, identify what in your home may need a rethink – maybe even putting unwanted items into self storage.

With that in mind, we take a quick look at some of the home décor trends which should perhaps be left behind when we hit the new year…

Accent walls

A single wall in a statement colour seems a bit tired now. Depending on how you interpret it, it can also give the impression (to some) that there might not have been the budget to complete the other walls!

Quotes on walls

Word ‘wall art’ has had a good run as a décor idea – reaching a peak in its popularity in 2017 – but it’s now a really overused ‘feature’ in homes, with the added drawback being that these wall art pieces often harbour a plethora of rather ‘worn out’ inspirational quotes. Time to throw your stencils, stickers, and framed clichés in the bin.

Barn doors

Unless you’re keeping horses inside the house, there’s really no need for this type of door in your abode. Whilst the aim is to convey a rustic / country home feel to your guests, it actually sticks out like a sore thumb – and it probably looks really at odds with the rest of your room design and décor.


During the early 2000s, this material enjoyed an increase in demand when it came to kitting out kitchen countertops. Notoriously difficult to clean, and often overly expensive, granite worktops aren’t as durable as it’s marble or quartz counterparts.

Mirrored home furnishings (that aren’t mirrors)

Straight off, mirrored furniture is a pain to clean. And quite often, people take to buying a set of mirrored furniture items (for example, for the bedroom) which can be both time-consuming to polish and quite expensive, to boot.

Also, depending on the quality of the overall design, mirrored furniture can end up looking quite cheap and crudely put together.

Our advice is to keep your mirrors on the wall (for looking in!) and not as a surface material for your chests of drawers and cabinets.

All things nautical

Contrary to popular belief, seashells, pieces of rope and pieces of fishing net really belong on the beach – and not in your front room.  Even if you’re actually located in a house near the sea, it’s far better to try and take any inspiration from your surroundings and translate it in a ‘subtler’ way. For example, can you devise a colour palette which draws on a few aspects of your seaside environment?