Prohibited Fruits for Hong Kong Fruit Hampers

Prohibited Fruits for Hong Kong Fruit Hampers

During Chinese New Year, usually the people of Hong Kong serve various kinds of fruit which are commonly referred to asĀ  Fruit Hampers Hong Kong. This fruit is a fruit that must be served during Chinese New Year celebrations. The goal is as a philosophy of life in the future, to prosper.

What Fruits Are Banned for Hong Kong Fruit Hampers?

  1. Sharp Thorny Fruit

During the Chinese New Year banquet, usually the best food and the best fruit will be served. Fruit hampers that are suitable at the time of this banquet are fruits that have bright skin and sweet taste. While taboos that must be avoided are fruits with sharp thorns such as durian, salak and soursop.

Fruit hampers that are suitable for Chinese New Year are citrus fruits, bananas, grapes, apricots and other dishes. It is rarely seen that it is even impossible for fruit such as durian, salak or soursop to be served when Chinese New Year arrives. Fruit with a sharp prickly skin structure is indeed a long fruit served.

The majority during Chinese New Year, the fruit consumed is fruit that is rich in meaning. This is like making a wish for the year to come. Of course, foods that have a bad philosophy should be avoided. Fruit with a bad philosophy will create bad expectations, so Hong Kong believes.

If you still insist on serving the fruit then you will be considered to be challenging the beliefs of Hong Kong residents. This is like ridicule that you expect the family you are going to give the hamper to bad luck. Certainly different from the philosophy of giving Fruit Hampers.

  1. The reason the fruit is abstained

There are so many logical reasons why fruits in fruit hampers that have sharp spines are prohibited. Fruits such as durian, salak, soursop or fruit with a sharp skin structure are not good fruit philosophy. The fruit is believed to be a fruit of bad luck.

Even in their daily activities, Hong Kong people still consume this fruit to balance the nutrients in the body. The sharp skin of this fruit is a picture of the difficulties of life which certainly will not be expected by everyone, especially those who are celebrating Chinese New Year.

The symbol of misfortune, disharmony, conflict is contained in a fruit that has sharp thorns. Namely on durian, soursop, salak or various other types of thorny fruit. Although in general this fruit has a sweet and delicious taste, this fruit should not be available during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Instead of fruits that should not be found in Hong Kong fruit hampers are fruits that have bright colors with a beautiful appearance. The fruit that tastes sweet is also chosen, this fruit will be presented as a fruit for a banquet at a family meal or as a treat for guests who have come.

Fruits that bring prosperity, glory, well-being, fertility and harmony are grapes, oranges, apples, pineapples, apricots and other fruits. In addition to fruit hampers with sharp thorns, when Chinese New Year arrives, there are also various kinds of taboos that should not be done during the celebration.

Namely serving seafood such as lobster and porridge which are considered taboo foods during Chinese New Year.