Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Should I repair or replace my roof?

The roof is a barrier that protects us from the sun, rain, wind and snow. Roofs are an integral part of any building whether a house or a commercial set up. Without a roof protecting the house from the top, the interior of any building or house will deteriorate. Moreover, if the roof is not in a good condition, you will face issues of leaks, pest infestations, mold and mildew, higher A/C and heater bills etc.

Roofs are designed and created to sustain for a long period of time. But, what should be done in case of unexpected calamities and regular wear-and-tear damages on the roof? It is very difficult to determine whether to repair or replace the roof in case of damage.  

Should I repair or replace my roof?

There are a few factors to be considered while deciding whether to get a roof repaired or replaced. Some of the factors are:

  • Roof age

Depending on the type of material used for making the roofs, the age of the roof can be an important factor to determine whether to replace or repair the roof. 

If your roof is old and has suffered damage and facing leakage issues it would be advisable to replace it. Replacing an old, damaged roof instead of paying repeatedly for roof repairs is worth the cost. Invest in a new roof if you plan to stay in the same house for long. If you plan to sell it soon, you can go ahead and get it repaired instead.

  • Leaky Roof

A leaky roof needs immediate attention and needs repairs or reroofing. Have you noticed water stains inside the home running across ceilings or down your walls, you may be facing a leaky roof problem. Finding the leaking spot on the roof can be very tricky and daunting.  A certified roofing contractor can help in finding the leaks and damages on the roof.

A small leak if left unattended can lead to bigger issues like mold and mildew or damaged ceilings or damage to the insulation etc. 

An experienced roofing contractor can inspect the extent of leakage and damage to the roof and determine if the damage is aesthetic or structural. Cracked or broken shingles, dented or perforated asphalt, tile, wood or metal roofing components or rusted metal shingles or panels are signs of structural damage. It is advisable to replace the roof in case of structural damage, as it could be dangerous. 

If you live in a region that is highly susceptible to hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, it advisable to immediately replace missing shingles repair roofing materials following a storm to help prevent further damage or leakage issues.

  • Cost of Roof Replacement 

There is no doubt that the cost of getting a new roof vis-à-vis repairing a roof is a major determining factor. Generally, the cost of repairing a roof is less as compared to replacing or reroofing. However, if you are recurrently paying for roof repairs then over a period of time your cost of repairs may exceed the cost of roof replacement.

You can take estimates from a roofing contractor and decide which option is most budget-conscious solution without risking the stability of the roof.

If you undertake a complete roof replacement it may be expensive initially but it will also save you from any repair costs in the near future. Moreover, a new roof can offer peace of mind knowing that you and the family are well protected under it.

Getting a roof repaired

  • In case of Minor Damage

If only a small portion of the roof is damaged or a few shingles need replacement, you can get the roof repaired at a relatively less cost. Just replace the damaged or missing shingles and the roof is as good as new. Replacing other roofing materials like metal panels may be more complex or expensive to replace individually. 

  • In case of Moderate Damage

If the roof is more damaged on one side or at one specific area then partial reroofing can be an option. Partial roofing would be less expensive than a complete reroofing project.

The downside to partial reroofing or replacing a small portion of roof shingles is that it may impact the aesthetics. It is difficult to match the color of the new roofing materials with the existing ones. 

Roof repair or Replacement make your decision

The truth is that a layman cannot decide whether a roof needs repairs or replacement until they get it inspected.  Therefore it is important to get an honest inspection of the roof done by a roofing contractor who can be trusted.  

Do proper research to find the best local roofing company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Clarify your doubts, ask relevant questions and get comfortable with the company you plan to handover your work to.