Sub Zero Quality Repair

Your kitchen is an integral part of your home. And when a part of your kitchen is not functioning properly, then your home is not functioning at its peak. No one wants to spend a hot day in Florida with no cold drinks, so if your ice maker is not working, no one in your home is happy. But your solution can be as simple as a search for sub zero repair service key largo. Same day service is just the beginning of what this great factory certified repair service can offer you.

There are many issues that might call for service of your ice maker. It could be producing ice that tastes bad, discolored ice, cubes that are too large or too small or even too much ice and it won’t shut off. All of these are issues as well as the most common problems of not making any ice or a water leak in the ice making unit. No matter what the trouble is, you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and schedule same day repair service for you sub zero ice maker.

In addition to repair service, it is critical that you schedule regular cleaning service for your ice maker. You really have no way of seeing inside the unit to know if it needs to be cleaned. But a certified technician can inspect the unit to be sure that it is clean and making ice that is safe to consumer. A dirty or faulty ice maker can be introducing mold or bacteria into your ice which is not healthy or safe to use. But you would only know about that issue if you have your ice maker serviced regularly. Simply contact sub zero repair service key largo for same day service almost anywhere in South Florida.

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