The 6 Big Advantages of Moving Between Individuals

If you’re starting to get cold feet with the idea of your next move, this article will probably help you. Depending on the chosen solution, this will require you, either time or money and a good dose of organisation.

The simplest solution is to hire a professional mover. All you have to do, in this case, is to plan the date of your move, then according to the chosen method, empty your furniture, prepare your boxes and pay the bill … which can be very salty! And still, we need to find a competent company that we can trust …

If you want to save money on the cost of your move, the other obvious solution is to make the move yourself. If you have friends or family to help you, you will have to plan your move according to their availability. You will also have to rent a truck and, therefore, study carefully the various contracts that will be offered to you to avoid unpleasant surprises and additional costs. Prices may vary from one rental company to another. You will also have to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that it contained when it was delivered to you.

But not everyone of your family or friends have “big arms” to help you move. Or maybe they will not be available because you move on weekdays, on vacation or too far … Or maybe they will not be very motivated to help you again for your 3rd move in two years (“Why are you moving so often?”)

How can you move in this case without hurting the wallet while avoiding the need for a professional moving company?

This is where inter-personal moving platforms work by connecting people who move with other individuals who offer their services to help move.

1) A smaller budget between individuals

Unlike a professional furniture removalist in Sydney who will take into account the size of your home, volume to move and parking facilities. You could always appeal to other individuals who can assist you in many tasks of your move which would be a much more economical solution.

By going through an inter-home moving platform, you can consult the profiles and their comments, then choose for yourself the people who will help you to move. Some only offer their arms to load and unload the furniture and cartons in the truck, but others can also offer to assemble / disassemble your furniture, if you have a little trouble with the installation instructions, pack your cartons if you do not have the time to do it or give you a hand to clean up.
For this kind of service, you will often pay between about $20 and $30 per hour.

2) Flexibility leaving room for negotiation

Moves between individuals leave room for bargaining that professional movers do not allow. You can offer your own hourly rate or flat rate. You decide who to hire who you want. The highest bidder, the best package for the day, the one with the best advice … It’s up to you to negotiate!

3) Less stress

Many of the people on these platforms are not on their first move. They are used to the organisation that requires a move and small tips that can save you time, money and avoid hurting you. In short, to relieve you and help you relax.

And if you decide to use the services of a removalist in Sydney with a vehicle that carries out for you the whole of your move, it is 100% peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about renting a truck or transporting it.

4) A tailor-made help

By making your move between individuals, you program it exactly as you wish. You choose the day, depending on the availability of people who will help you, or by indicating the day that suits you best when you place your ad or when you contact person direct. You only ask for the number of people needed (for a small move one person may be enough, for a larger move to have more people will surely be needed). The special skills of some big arms can also be very useful if you have to do small jobs, for example, before returning the keys or selling your old home.

5) Build new relationships

Using the services of a personal moving platform to make your move is a great way to build new relationships. You will meet people who will help you in your approach. This can be an opportunity to make new friends!

6) A moment of conviviality

A move can be a moment of great conviviality. Everyone participates, helps each other, collaborates … Offering an aperitif or a meal at the end of the day, bringing together all the participants, allows for deeper relationships and keeps this day a great memory.

In conclusion

The best solution for moving at a lower cost, while avoiding having to worry about all the technical and logistical aspects, is, without question, to use the services of a moving platform between individuals. Less expensive than a move made by a professional, less stressful than when you do everything yourself, it is an excellent compromise, both financially and at the level of the constraints inherent to a move.