Tiles or carpets? Which is better?

Tiles or carpets Which is better

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Refurbishing your house can be a bit taxing and troubling, especially when you lack the knowledge of market trends. Not everything that’s trending is made for your house and office. Therefore, research and inquiry about your intended change can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Your house’s flooring is a crucial part of its overall design and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It affects the temperature of your house as well as its overall ambiance. If you don’t pay attention to your house’s flooring, you’ll live in discomfort, and all your investments and efforts will go in vain.

We have gathered information about the two most popular house flooring options for you. A comparative guide will help you understand which one is the best option for your house:

About Tiles:

The Positives

Easy to Clean:

You don’t need to hire someone to clean tiles in your house or invest hours in doing it by yourself. A broom, a sweeper and a dustpan are all you need to clean the tiles in your house. You can do it daily or after days, depending on how much dirt and dust are being gathered on the tiles’ surface.

Improved Durability: 

Tiles are durable and can withstand the heat and cold of different seasons without breaking apart. They have a lifespan of 50+ years in general, but they can hold on their own for the next 50 years more if an individual cares for them properly.

In other words, unless some tragedy of immense magnitude befalls on your house, its tiled flooring will remain intact.

Doesn’t Threaten your Health:

Allergens and microorganisms have no place to reproduce, which means the possibility of you getting sick because of them is slim. All the dirt and dust you see on tiles with your naked eye is what you’ll have to clean using conventional cleaning methods only. Nothing too extreme and elaborate is necessary to clean the tiled flooring in your house.

This means that there is no chance of you getting sick because of germs and threats you can’t see.

The Negatives

Restricts your Creativity:

Tiles are an irreplaceable and immovable commodity in your house, and you can’t replace them with a new and trendier design immediately. The labor work, time and financial investment to achieve this task are a lot and are enough to restrict your creative bouts.

Know that tiling your floor is a long term investment and should be made after careful consideration and thinking. You can’t change it immediately just because you have a change of heart.

Needs Assisted Insulation: 

Different parts of the world have a different climate, and all of them have their unique needs. You can’t live in cold weather and tile your floors using marble or ceramic without expecting any consequences. Take the example of Canberra’s weather, and you’ll have to choose the flooring in your house based on its weather.

Tiles in Canberra are designed and manufactured based on its environment and public demand. Remember that, these tiled floorings lack insulation which makes them too cold in winter and too hot in summer. You must insulate them with some other means to make your house’s ambiance comfortable and cozy.


If you have pets in your house, then you won’t have to worry about scrubbing their fur from a stubborn surface. Just use a vacuum cleaner or pet fur roller to gather all the hair that your pets have shed on your house’s flooring.

About Carpets:

The Positives

Suitable for Cold Weather:

Carpets are made from different types of wool and fabric which makes them warm to touch. Their bristles provide a certain kind of insulation to your house that warms it from inside out. Moreover, you can move around your house without worrying about cold feet.

The chances of you getting sick because of cold weather go down drastically.

Protects newborn babies:

Babies are fragile beings that need your utmost protection, especially when they are learning to crawl. Their curiosity takes them to all kinds of places which expose them to severe dangers lurking in your house. Carpet flooring cushions their falls and helps them move around the house without hurting their knees

Flexibility in Design:

If you don’t fix the carpets in your house with an adhesive, then you have the freedom to replace them with another design whenever they feel like it. It doesn’t take much physical strength, time and money investment to change a carpet within your house.

The Negatives

Irritants & Allergens:

All kinds of microorganisms and allergens find it easy to live in your carpet flooring. Their bristle roots provide enough room for these irritants to live and grow at their own pace. If you have pets in your house, then their fur will also facilitate the growth of these allergens and irritants.

According to research, most skin related diseases are reported from houses that have carpet flooring. Aside from that, skin rashes are a common thing that happens to people living in a house with carpet flooring as well.

Difficult to Clean:

Cleaning the carpets in your house is a task that has no end and cannot be handled by an individual. It will take several hours even days to deep cleanse its bristles or dry clean the whole thing. No matter what method you choose to clean your house’s carpeted flooring, you’ll be tired and exhausted by the end of it.

Things will be a bit more complicated if you have pets in your house since their hair is difficult to remove from any fabric and wool. Sometimes using suckers and vacuum cleaners doesn’t work on these stubborn hair strands.

Bottom Line: 

After weighing down all the pros and cons of both flooring options, we see tile flooring as the winner. Compared to carpets, they are a much better option for your health since they don’t provide shelter to allergens and microorganisms. Moreover, they are easy to clean so you can clean them whenever you feel like it. This convenience minimizes the chances of you ever getting sick because of your house’s flooring drastically.

Aside from that, installing tiles in your house is another guaranteed way to secure your investments. Once it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it ever again unless you want a change in the scenery. Their durability is remarkable and shouldn’t be taken lightly while designing your house.

The only thing they lack is maintaining moderate room temperature, which can be fixed by using insulation assistance from other means easily. More people are installing tiles in their house than carpets which should be enough to hint at what’s more feasible between the two flooring options.