Which Style to Choose for Cottage? Double Hung Window Units or Other

Living in a cottage means that there are limited options available for window replacement. When the time comes, owners have to make a daunting decision of appropriate style that is usually not easy than usual. What most of the owners miss is the opportunity to mix and match different window styles instead of getting the same for all rooms. Though, if the intentions are to maintain original architecture with traditional look, cottage-style windows would be the best option.

Other than that, Window Doors Mart has listed a few more options that promise efficiency and quality performance from every aspect. Whatever style is chosen, satisfaction is guaranteed! Top window styles are cottages are as follows:

  • Cottage windows
  • Divided windows
  • Narrow windows
  • Custom-made windows

Obviously, when cottage windows are available, no one would go for other window styles; however, the selection should blend with the architectural look without compromising over aesthetics. The components are quite easy to open and close, just like double hung window units, and are available in vinyl or wood styles. In order to ensure consistency with the selections, it is recommended to choose the same style for all types.

Divided windows are good for homeowners who want to maintain aesthetic appearance without decreasing quality or efficiency. They are usually provided with wooden sections and are installed with crisscross patterns of the sashes. They are available as single or double-hung units, thus allowing owners to choose as per their preferences. One of the distinguishing factors is the availability of large openings and narrow sides that sometimes becomes a difficult thing to find.

When narrow windows are considered, they are installed next to one another in order to fit in irregular openings. However, if someone wants to create something unique, custom-made windows would be an ideal choice as homeowners have the freedom to add whatever features they want. If needed, there is also a chance to mix and match two or more styles to lift up overall appearance.

Cottages Usually Need…..

Owners have to understand that cottages usually need double hung window units or a type that does not only enhance curb appeal but also ensures lifetime benefits with perfection. They have to be resistant to intense weather conditions like rain, snow, harsh window, heat and UV rays along with working as a barrier against outside environment to prevent internal comfort.

A Compromise Between Functionality and Looks

Living in a place where the weather is less predictable means that people do not have to compromise over durability and reliability while being in a cottage country, no one would think of compromising over looks against weather as cottages have to be perfect from every aspect.