Questions To Ask Your Chair Lift Provider

If you find it difficult to go up a long flight of stairs, chairlifts are actually a great way to solve that problem. However, getting a customized chair lift for your home requires some careful research, analysis, and execution. Therefore, the specifics of your homes and more specifically the flight of stairs in which you would like the chairlift installed is of great importance. Here, we would be running through a few important questions that one should ask their chair lift Singapore provider before actually committing to paying for it.

Installation complexity

The first thing would be the installation complexity. One would need to find out if there are any adjustments that need to be made or even the time needed for the installation to be done. This is crucial because getting the workers to install the chair lift on your flight of stairs might cause some inconvenience at the start. Make sure that you understand the scope of work that your provider is covering.

Battery Powered or Electrical

There are two different options that one can consider when choosing a stair chair lift. If you choose to go with the battery powered lift, then please note that you might need to change the chair lift’s battery once a year, depending on how often do you use this equipment. The advantage of this, is that you would not need to worry in the event a blackout occurs in your home. You can rest with a peace of mind that your chair lift will work no matter what, as long as you take note of the duration and your battery life throughout the year. On the other hand, an electrical stair lift is useful and convenient especially if you live in an area with access to various electrical points, and you would not need to worry about changing the battery.

Weight Limit

One of the things that is often overlooked is the fact that many fail to ask their chair lift provider about the weight limit of the chair lift. There are different types of chair lifts in the market in Singapore; some are more powerful comparatively. If you are aware that your occupants might need to bring up carry around additional weight, then you need to choose a chair lift that is more powerful; that is able to carry both the person’s weight and the additional weight that he or she is carrying. Remember to confirm the maximum weight that the equipment can support.


Lastly, after having gotten all these details, the last thing that you need to do is to get a free accurate quotation from your chair lift provider. It is helpful if one gets multiple quotations from several different providers so that one can compare between value and cost, and choose one that suits his or her needs the most.