Have a Blocked Toilet? Here Is What You Can Do

Have a Blocked Toilet? Here Is What You Can Do

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Toilets are something people rarely focus on unless there is a problem with it. Having a clogged toilet is both embarrassing and inconvenient. Especially if you are in anyone’s home and dealing with a blocked toilet. However, do not worry if you run into a situation like this. With a little ingenuity, you can fix a clogged toilet wherever you are.

If a toilet if about to overflow, you need to unclog it before it completely ruins the situation. Act fast if you think the toilet starts filling up. There are two ways to act for a blocked toilet overfilling before unclogging. The first is to either shut the water behind the toilet or stop the tank from filling up. To prevent the tank from filling, open the lid and close the flapper. This will stop more water from entering the tank. The next way is to completely shut the water supply to the toilet from behind. Either way, you can then proceed with any unclogging method. Here we will discuss some ideas with which you can unclog a blocked toilet with ease.

  • Using a Plunger

While it seems very basic, a plunger is the best way for unclogging a toilet. Every household needs to have a plunger with a flange as it works best for unclogging. Flat plungers work better for showers or drains. Anyhow, start by putting on rubber gloves first if you have some. Then put the head of the plunger in the toilet bowl and push gently. The first push is only to release air so do not force too much pressure. You could also splash dirty water on yourself if you push too much. After establishing a proper seal, start pushing forcefully. Maintain the seal and keep repeating the method. Finally, pull the plunger up after some time and break the air seal. The water should have rushed down by now. If the clogging has not yet cleared, repeat the process until it has loosened.

  • Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

When using a plunger does not help, and clogging persists? Try using a non-toxic homemade concussion of baking soda and vinegar. You know they are best for cleaning surfaces and helps keep the drains running smoothly. This formula helps you out if you do not want to use a plunger for unclogging. Pour a cup of baking soda into the clogged toilet and wait for a few minutes. After that, start adding two cups of vinegar. These two ingredients begin to make bubbles when reacted so pour slowly. The reaction will remove the material causing the clogging. Allow the mixture to work for several minutes and then see if the clogging has cleared.

  • Use a Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snakes are an excellent tool to help in clearing clogs. Regular ones sometimes scratch the porcelain of your toilet, so use plumbing snakes. These snakes have a rubber head that protects the porcelain from damage and protects it. Place the head of the snake into the toilet bowl and start winding it in a clockwise movement. Once you start to feel resistance, start folding it in reverse and flush if the clog has loosened. If not, then turn the snake back and repeat the process until the clog breaks and flush runs smoothly.

  • Hot Water and Dish Soap

Another home remedy for unclogging is to use hot water and dish soap. Put a gallon of water to heat up and squirt some dish soap in the toilet while the water heats. Carefully pour the water when it is too hot but not boiling. Wait for several minutes while the mixture starts to soften up the clog and lose it. The toilet will unclog and flush will run smoothly. You can use shampoo and hot water from the sink to unclog also if you do not want to leave the bathroom.

  • Vacuum

This is a truly unique way of unclogging but does not start with a regular vacuum. You will damage the vacuum as well as shock yourself. Wear a pair of gloves, as the method requires you to hold the vacuum hose inside the toilet. First, vacuum the water out of the bowl and empty it. Next, place the hose inside the toilet drain and create suction by wrapping an old cloth around the hose. Turn the vacuum on while holding the hose and cloth firmly together in place. The vacuum will produce enough suction to pull the clogging out. Clean and sanitize the vacuum after using it.

  • Drain Busters

Using a high-pressure drain buster is another safe and secure way to unclog a toilet. You can find these drainers in almost all the stores with various shapes and sizes but with the same purpose. Just like a vacuum, that sucks the clog out, these drainers put high air pressure on the obstruction while forcing it to move further away and down the sewerage line. Drainers also come with instruction manuals that guide you on how to handle the equipment properly.


Having a blocked toilet is inconvenient and disgusting at the same time. However, you can use the ways mentioned above to unblock a toilet of any obstruction. These steps can be used individually or combined, based on the seriousness of the blockage. If all else fails, the most recommended method will be to call a plumber as he is an expert who knows how to clean a toilet without any hassle.