How to Create the Ultimate BBQ Garden

When summer comes, many of us like to take the opportunity to head out into our gardens, and a BBQ is a sure way to share in some fun times. A BBQ can be a fantastic idea to get friends and family together.

You can combine this social aspect with the chance to impress others with your cooking and hosting skills. Therefore, in the event that you need to build an outdoor BBQ area in your garden, follow these suggested steps which require little DIY know how.

Where Should I Zone My BBQ Garden?

This is the first thing to consider when trying to figure out the best spot to set up your BBQ garden. You have to find that spot that does not pose a fire risk to your house, vegetation or sheds.

Avoid locating your BBQ against flammable walls, underneath power lines or near low-hanging trees. The ultimate BBQ will need at least four functional areas – where you cook, prepare, plate up and serve. So, think about how you will make your food; where you will plate up and serve it and ensure that you can move freely between those zones even when the garden is full of guests.

Another thing worth considering is the wind direction. That is, how will the breeze blow any smoke coming off the BBQ? You do not want it going back into your house or over your guests.

The logical thing here is to follow the structure of your house and yard with the goal that your BBQ will not appear to be in a remote spot but will fit into its environment.

You need to think about setting it quite close to your kitchen, unless you have a completely self-sufficient outdoor kitchen, which has running water and electricity. So, it is wise to locate your BBQ close to the indoor kitchen as possible. That way, you can ideally settle on the part of the garden with access to water, fridge, power and washing up facilities. 

Think About Flooring

You will need a level area, with an appropriate base after mapping-out your BBQ space. That you achieve by burrowing and levelling the space of ground that will be the foundation of your BBQ space.

Call in the experts, like epoxy flooring service in Newcastle,to make sure you get your flooring right.

One way is to prepare your concrete, then line the border of the BBQ plot with wooden slats to shield the concrete from streaming out of the assigned zone, at that point empty and level the concrete into spaces inside the slats. Hang tight for it to dry, then remove the slats.

Avoid flooring that will be slippery when wet or when spattered with food spills and oils, for example, tiles or marbles. Think of building your BBQ to withstand weather conditions specific to your region.

This is where epoxy flooring comes into its own as its durable, long lasting and designed to withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions.

Consider Sheltering the Area

Should you want to guarantee that your BBQ can occur in any weather condition will be considering building a permanent structure. So, your BBQ area will require a rooftop or awning to keep the BBQ happening in differing weather conditions.

You will also require enough lighting to see the barbecue surface and any preparation areas during the evening time.

Adding the Finishing Touches

If desired, you can likewise install wooden or metal hinges and handles to cover electrical and water lines. If you choose to create a permanent BBQ installation, then consider picking materials and appliances that are durable, especially if you include countertops.

Of course, the landscaping around your BBQ area is the finishing touch. Potted flowers work a treat and can be changed easily depending on the season, adding colour all the year round. Pots are easily maintained and require less work than rockeries but rockeries, once established are stunning and produce more variety and colour to your BBQ space.

You decide how you want to finish off this great area and enjoy all the memorable time you will have in this space.

Image Pixabay License CCO