Why choose steel for your building projects

It should come as no surprise to us that Australia and Australians love their outbuildings. The country houses some of the most active outbuilding enthusiasts in the world.

Of all the outbuildings available, sheds are the most popular and that is putting it lightly. Australians love their sheds and they are proud about it.

On the quest to having the biggest, thickest, sturdiest sheds and outbuildings around, Australians have made use of a number of materials from simple plywood all the way down to military grade metals.

Of all the materials used, the best and most successful so far is steel. We all know about steel, it has a reputation that precedes it.

Steel is gradually taking over the outbuilding scene and the last thing you want to happen to you is to be left behind.

We are here to keep you up to date and preach the steel gospel to you.

Below, we’ll be discussing about some of the reasons why steel is the perfect material for your outbuilding projects.

Faster construction time

The most attractive feature of steel outbuildings is the ease at which they can be assembled. Steel outbuildings save you a lot of stress as their parts get assembled in a factory before shipping out to you.

You don’t need much expertise to assemble a steel outbuilding, all you need is a simple well explained manual and you are good to go.

Cost effectiveness

Steel is one of the most “pocket-friendly” building materials available on the open market. This is due to the fact that steel prices have remained low for quite some time now.

Unlike steel, the price of lumber fluctuates as frequently as possible. You can’t bet on a building material that’s too volatile.

The fact that they are pre-fabricated equates less construction time and that results in the general cost of construction being lower.

They are more durable than most other building materials out there.


Steel outbuildings pride themselves on being a part of a small list of easiest structures to modify; steel outbuildings can be increased or decreased without a care in the world.

Prefabricated steel frames make it easy for just about anyone to “mix and match” several steel construction components.

Not satisfied with the current size or shape of steel outbuilding? There’s no cause to worry, all you have to do is purchase a few more frames and assemble them to the existing structure.

You can also easily reduce the size of steel outbuildings without hassle.


Steel is one of the most recycled products; as a matter of fact Steel is among the most recycled product in Australia.

This just goes to show you that your building can be an environmentally sustainable one.

Prefabricated steel frame buildings are not only energy but also thermal efficient, old steel is one of the major “ingredient” in the process of creating new steel.

It’s time to contribute to our environment while also getting that much needed outbuilding.


When it comes to the topic of durability, no other outbuilding construction material even comes close.

Steel buildings are capable of withstanding whatever Mother Nature sends their way from hurricanes to earthquakes and everything in between.

The ductility level in steel is astounding and cannot be compared with that of any other generic outbuilding materials. No other solid material stretches under tensile induced stress as much as steel.

Minimal maintenance

Steel out-buildings require very little maintenance, and compared to other available materials for constructing out-buildings, steel requires the least amount of periodical maintenance.

Simply cleaning the surface of the structure every now and then with soap and water would do the trick.

Image. By Clem Onojeghuo [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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