Roof Windows as A Way to Get More Light into Your Lovely Sussex Home Office

Most people not just in the UK, but all over the world are gradually setting up home offices from where they attend to their clients. The design of the home office doesn’t have to be out of this world as long as you put the essentials in. one of the key components in your Sussex home office is lighting. With the skyrocketing of utility bills, the last thing you would want is having all your bulbs and tubes on when you can use roof windows to naturally light your office spaces.

Roof windows are beneficial not just for the bright light and comfort, but because they can turn your home office into an ideal sanctuary where your productivity is always on the uptrend.

Top Hung and Pivot Windows

Pivot windows ensure a free flow of fresh air and allows adequate light to filter into your office space. These windows can be rotated through an angle of 180 degrees, a feature most useful when operating the awning blind or cleaning the outer pane. Top hung and pivot windows can also be outward opened to enable you to have a wide view of the outside space.

Centre Pivot Windows

This literally puts fresh air and lighting at your fingertips. It is easy to operate and has an innovative top control bar which lets you install your window at a much lower position than the equivalent bottom operated window. This gives you an excellent view from your office while either seated or standing. They are also easy to maintain and clean because they can be rotated through an angle of 180 degrees.

Arc Windows

Even though you want some good lighting into your office, the last thing you want to experience is extreme weather interfering with this comfort. With the arc windows, you are safe. This is because they have an under-pane seal which gives you extra tightness even in extreme weather conditions and minimises micro vibrations from the claddings.

High Pivot Windows

This is somewhat similar in operation to the centre pivot window, the difference being the axis of rotation which is located way above the centre of the window. The lower part of the window gives you the benefits of a top hung window while the upper part of it serves as a space for additional daylight streaming.

Over the centuries, daylight has been used as the primary lighting source in interiors and many buildings have been designed to accommodate this. The comfort and health benefits of natural light makes it essential in many spaces including your Sussex home office. The quality of light energy coming into your office space through the roof windows is firsthand which means it comes at a very high intensity.

The quality of your roof windows will determine whether you will have adequate amounts of proper, glare free light, or inadequate amounts of light altogether. Research has indicated that roof windows also give you thermal comfort which is much more than simply cozy conditions. Thermal comfort is associated with positive health impacts and sleep quality.

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