Effects of Carpet Choices on a Home’s Architectural Design


When an interior designer starts planning how a home or room is going to look, one of the most important things to take into consideration are the fabrics and colors that he or she will be starting with in the various rooms of the house. In recent years, there has been a keen focus on the styles and fabrics that are part of the home’s decor, in particular for surfaces such as carpets and upholstery.

Choice of Color

The choice of fabric types and colors of the carpet in a room is going to be one of the central elements that the designer can anchor all of his or her designs around. The reason is simple. A carpet or rug is going to be one of the focal points in the home. It is impossible to match the colors of anything – whether furniture, sofa or a vase – without taking the carpeting into consideration. For that reason, many architects and designers are starting with the carpet and moving on to other elements of a room. They are even using the carpet color as the basis for choosing art to hang on the walls.

Common Types of Carpets

So what types of carpet are in use nowadays? Well, area rugs have been increasingly used in many formal situations, halls, and living rooms. It is not always Persian rugs that are used either. In fact, there are many other types of area rugs that are easier in the cleaning process. These rugs can be made of many different kinds of material such as silk, wool, and others. They provide a beautiful base for room and an excellent starting point from where the designer can move on to designing the colors of the walls, pick the type of furniture and upholstery and finally chairs and sofas.

Cleaning Considerations

It is important to note that carpet cleaning does come into consideration when choosing the right carpet fabric. That is because some fabrics are easier to clean than others. Of course, there are always professionals like cleancarpetsottawa.ca that can clean any type of fabric, so the choice is not vital for the long term. The colors on the other hand do make a big difference. Darker colors can take dirt more easily and without showing, whereas bright colors and whites have to be kept sparkling clean all the time because the slightest dirt or stain will show.


There has also been an increase in installation of carpets in spite of the fact that some people are reserved about carpets because they can trap dust and pollen. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by using an annual carpet cleaning service. Many carpet cleaning companies, for example, provide a set schedule for homeowners where they will come to the home, clean the carpets quickly and be out the door in less than a few hours. That has helped people choose carpets because they know that they can be safe for their homes. Carpet can provide a comfort and luxury feel that is not easily matched by any other type of surface, even hardwood. The problem has always been how to keep them clean. With today’s technology along with the latest advances in carpet steam cleaning, it is not that hard to enjoy the benefits of using carpet in the home without the health worries of allergies and dust.

The latest technological advances in installing, deodorizing and carpet cleaning have made it possible for designers and architects to use them in a way that was not feasible in the past. That has opened up a whole new host of opportunities for a more beautiful cleaner home.