This is How A Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps are good substitutes for air conditioners and furnaces. They are some of the most energy-efficient systems for moderate heating and cooling. Just like refrigerators, they utilize electric power. To cool the house, they take up the indoor heat and direct it outside. They don’t generate heat but rather move it from where it is not needed to where it is required.

Types of heat pumps from in NZ

The three types of heat pumps are water source/ geothermal, gas-fired, and air-to-air. They gather heat from the water, outdoor ground, and air respectively and use it to heat the indoor environment.

Air source:

The air-to-air mode conveys heat between the indoor air and the outdoor air. This mechanism can save 50% of your heating costs, meaning that it is better than a baseboard heater or a furnace. There are high-efficiency models which work better than the typical central ACs … Read the rest

What Is The Best Room Location To Keep Your Piano?

Piano storage is one of the most sensitive decisions piano movers and tuners make. If you want to achieve the best sounds from this musical instrument, you need to prepare a perfect to place it if you have hired movers for the relocation. Placing a piano it the right place ensures optimal performance and longevity. Check out the pros and cons of placing piano at different locations.

Areas you cannot place your piano

      i. In close proximity to air vents and windows

Under no circumstance should you store your piano near, below, or atop an air vent. Similarly, never place a piano near the window, fireplace, air conditioner, or heater. These environments are very unstable for pianos. Treat your instrument as a baby; you wouldn’t leave your child near the heater, would you? Windows, in particular, bring in the cold or warm air- causing drastic temperature changes which can affect … Read the rest

A Guide To Buying Tower Rails Online

Choosing the right tower rails is a decision that many homeowners are forced to make. There are several factors to consider when making this decision.

Price range

Today, we have tower rails that come at nearly every price. Whether you need an absolute great design or a unit that is moderately priced, you can find towel rails online that fits your budget.


You want to ensure that the rail will fit the space and will be the right choice for you. Some of the important considerations that you will need to make include:

Ensuring the depth of the rail is not intrusive. You don’t want a situation where the rails sticks out of the wall and it does not reach the walk way.

The rails should also be installed at the right height. In case you choose a towel ladder, the top rung should be reachable. Ensure that the … Read the rest

Installing a new Formica Life seal worktop around your kitchen sink

The countertop around your kitchen sink can be prone to water damage and may need to be replaced from time to time. Formica LifeSeal Worktops are a popular choice in the kitchen – they are affordable and durable, they come in a range of different colours and patterns, and are easy to install.

Step 1: To replace a worktop around a kitchen sink, start by removing any appliances or fixtures in contact with the worktop, such as sinks, taps, preparation bowls or ovens.

Step 2: Remove the fixing screws from underneath and use a craft knife to cut through any areas where the tops are sealed with silicone.

Step 3: Get the new top cut to fit exactly where the old one used to be. You can do this yourself or you can get the tops cut at a specialist board cutting shop.


Step 4: Make sure you measure for … Read the rest

Neon, Fibre Optics and LED – The ‘Big Three’

Over recent years, lighting technology has seen an extraordinary array of advancements. When you think about it, traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescence were relied upon for generations, before the likes of LEDs and fibre optics came along. But what’s interesting about the current lighting landscape is how one of the most common and important lighting choices – neon – has actually been around in one form or another for more than 100 years.

Which is precisely why even in this day and age, there is still more custom neon lighting illuminating the world and its businesses than any other lighting technology across the board.

In fact, it was only as of around 30 years ago that a newcomer emerged and staked claim to being able to take the torch (no pun intended) from neon. This newcomer being fibre optics – lighting technology which at the time didn’t come close to … Read the rest

Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

Owning a home requires a great deal of responsibility. There are many things that you need to take care of so it does not fall into a state of disrepair. One of the most important issues that that you need to constantly monitor is the condition of your foundation. You could develop some very serious problems if some cracks start to form in your foundation that you are unaware of. You might notice a few cracks at some point in the future. If this is the case, you will need to hire a company that specializes in foundation repair. Here is how you can go about finding one of these companies.

  1. Go to some home and garden shows in your area.

Many cities have home and garden shows. They are usually held in large convention centers. Many companies that specialize in home improvement jobs will have displays set up so … Read the rest

6 Telltale Signs of an Underlying Termite Infestation

Having a termite infestation is one of the biggest nightmares that any homeowner can have. Termites destroy the woodwork and make the whole house extremely fragile. In fact, according to statistics, homeowners may already sustain $7,900 worth of damage before they even figure out that they have termites. The worst part is that termite damage can’t be covered by home insurance.

So before you even get there, you have to take measures to ensure that your house doesn’t have an infestation. The first step to prevention is to know if you have an infestation. After you’ve spotted the signs, you might want to call a good exterminator such as Fischer Environmental Services to help you. Here are 6 signs that’ll help you know:

Termite Droppings and Wings

The most obvious sign to observe is the presence of termite dung (known as frass) and fallen wings. If there are indeed termites, … Read the rest

These 5 Bedding Materials Will Make You Feel Like a King/Queen

Every person deserves a good night’s rest. A good night’s sleep will keep your mood cheerful and your body healthy. If you rarely sleep well during the night, replace your existing sheets with good ones especially the ones made from bamboo.

Besides being comfortable and soft, bamboo sheets also have anti-mold, anti-mildew, and anti-bacterial properties. Since they are hypoallergenic, they are most appropriate for individuals with allergies. Most of them especially the 100% Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly.

  1. Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

These might be the best sheets on the market. They score high marks when it comes to affordability, usability, looks, and build quality. They are generally available in Full, King, Twin, Queen, and California King Sizes. Plus, they appear in a variety of soothing and attractive colors like Gold, Burgundy, Olive, and Navy Blue.

These sheets are made from microfiber and brushed bamboo blend: 60% microfiber and 40% … Read the rest

5 Quick and Easy Steps to Rid Your House of an Ant Infestation

If you haven’t experienced an ant infestation on your property, then you’re one of the lucky few. However, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably done everything you can just to get rid of ants in your house.

Ants are considered the #1 nuisance pest in the US. With around 700 species roaming the entire country and more than 20 types known to cause an infestation, it’s not surprising why a lot of people report having issues with ants in their homes.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can follow to get rid of ants and prevent them from coming back. They are as follows:

#1: Maintain Clean Surroundings

As far as an ant infestation is concerned, keeping your surroundings clean will help you reduce their population significantly. After all, ants will need water, food, and shelter in order to survive. If they find a steady supply of their … Read the rest

Adding Safe Bathroom Fixtures

As people age, sometimes the ability to get around safely poses a real threat to life. Seniors with ambulation, balance and difficulty performing some activities of daily living often find it hard to get in and out of their bathtubs. Even those that use showers feel unsafe due to dizziness or physical weakness. Fortunately, now there are ways for seniors that have these ailments to live independently in their own homes. They can find a proficient contractor that has experience with bathroom remodels like installing easy access tubs, wide showers and reachable bathroom sinks. These bathing and personal care items can be upgraded to meet the aging homeowner’s mobility and safety needs.

Often, older citizens find it hard to read the small print in phone book directories. The hassle of finding honest contractors that will complete their desired bathroom conversion at an affordable cost requires a lot of effort. … Read the rest